New Haven contractor in specializing in
institutional construction.

Institutional Construction and Renovation Gallery

Throughout the 2000s more commercial and institutional projects were added along with work on churches. Today Christopher O’Connor, Inc, New Haven contractor in specializing in institutional construction carries a Remodeling license as well as a Major Contractor’s license renovation and constructing churches and institutions in the New Haven area.

  • Library exterior renovation
  • Museum renovation
  • Meeting house, new construction
  • Church renovation
  • Healthcare facility construction

Institutional Projects

Seventh Day Adventist Church
355 Humphrey Street, New Haven
Addition, alteration, code upgrade, interior and exterior

Fellowship Place:
441 Elm Street, New Haven
276 Dwight Street
288 Dwight Street
Multiple apartments, offices, buildings and exterior Mental health, substance abuse care facility.

Children’s Museum
22 Wall Street, New Haven
Interior renovations, displays, interactive rooms

Institute Library
847 Chapel Street, New Haven
Façade, exterior restoration

Great Commission Hall/ Overseas Ministries
490 Prospect Street, New Haven
13,000 sf new construction of apartments, meeting rooms

New Haven Friends Meeting House
233 East Grand, New Haven
New 5,000 sf building and site work

Faith Temple Revival Center
834 Dixwell Ave, Hamden
Renovation to church structure

Kerin’s Boutique
Cor York and Broadway, New Haven
2,400 sf retail (Yale Properties)

Complete interior remodel, tenant fit up. GC
Payne Whitney Gym (Yale Facilities)
9th floor communication room GC

Osborn Memorial Lab (Yale Facilities)
5th floor labs renovation GC
301 Prospect Street (Yale Facilities)
Exterior repair and restoration GC

Yale Bowl (Yale Facilities)
Concrete repair, seat replacement GC

Gales Ferry Boat House (Yale Facilities)
Exterior repairs GC

Gilder Boat House (Yale Facilities)
Exterior repairs GC

Sterling Memorial Library (Yale Facilities)
Egyptian Society Room renovation GC

Greeley Lab (Yale Facilities)
Lab renovations GC

250 Church Street, New Haven (Yale Facilities)
Remodel multiple offices GC

Klien Geology Lab
Whitney Ave, New Haven (Yale Facilities)
Remodel student lounge GC

Peabody Museum
Discovery Room Glass Wall (Yale Facilities)
Remove existing wall, construct glass wall overlooking Great Hall GC