Reliable. Trusted. Family Owned.

Christopher O'Connor started his career as a carpenter in 1977. He was an apprentice working on multi-family homes in the New Haven area. He started his own business in 1982 and incorporated in 1988. Around 2000 his son Sean started working as a carpenter. Christopher O'Connor, Inc has always been a family owned and operated business.

The majority of projects prior to 2000 were multi family homes, brownstones and residential homes built before 1900. Around 2000 Christopher O'Connor, Inc began contracting with Yale University. Throughout the 2000s more commercial and institutional projects were added along with work on churches.

Today Christopher O'Connor, Inc carries a Remodeling license as well as a Major Contractor's license. Despite many swings in the economy they have maintained a steady presence in the New Haven area.

Since 1992 they have been located at 96 Columbus St in the Hamden Industrial Park. They have over 5,000 square feet of office, shop and warehouse space. Christopher O'Connor, Inc will continue to focus on small to mid size commercial and institutional project while adding a residential mix. The third generation has been showing up on job sites.


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